Always remember that we guarantee to make you look at least 10 pounds thinner, just by changing your clothes.  

Special thanks to my wonderful son Michael for his help and patience.

 "Mary Duldouras developed a business wardrobe for me when I graduated University which gave me a huge competitive edge and image. Thanks Mary I love you." -MB-


"Mary is great and has the solutions to all my fashion issues." -client-


"Dear Mary, thank you for sharing all your amazing knowledge. You have expanded my sewing world beyond measure and I have learned more than I ever imagined" - SS


"Dear Mary, thank you so much for being such a good teacher, for your time, your knowledge, and your smile. I am so glad to have made it all the way through the certificate and I know that I have been taught by the best. I know I now have sewing skills that I will use for life. You are an inspiration and I'll always remember your outfits and personality." - K 


"Mary, I've made it through to the other side! I remember being so afraid to fail when I first came to school. You were so helpful and so re-assuring that you made me believe in myself....have faith in my own abiliites. You were always keeping us in line but you were always there to comfort us when we needed a hug. I would not be where I am today without your guidance and support." - L


"Dear Ms Mary, Teachers like you bring out the best in others and you really brought out the best in me. Than you for believing me and thank you for all you have done!" - T