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Mary Duldouras is proud to announce the book that will help you look and feel your best every day, has arrived!

This comprehensive guide is a must have resource for every woman who gets dressed.  Learn how to identify your body type and how to make the right choices to compliment it.  Understand why and how we have developed our views of fashion and dressing and how this simple and exiting method can improve your life.

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Women’s What to Wear


I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the 1960’s to first generation Greek parents. Like many Europeans in the 1950’s, they came to Canada in hopes of creating a better life for their family. I was the second of 3 girls. They tell me that they would give me a Tea towel while I sat in my high chair and I would be happy “making” things out of it like doll clothes. Making and organizing Doll’s clothes became a passion.

Luckily my mother was a strong woman who was a seamstress. She was a career woman who also became a great roll model for me and my sisters.

I was on my way to becoming a survivor with a great work ethic, and I found a Technical High School with a great Art program and even a Fashion studies option. Finally I was with similar people.

I graduated High School and went to Seneca College and studied Fashion Arts for 3 years. There I won design competitions and had the opportunity to travel to 5 countries in Europe and study Fashion with the “Gods” of Fashion as I call them. England, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Greece, that year permanently changed me and became my inspiration for my Career path. Upon completion of my fashion studies I began working in the fashion industry in the GTA. As an assistant and head fashion designer, I had the opportunity to work in leather, bridal wear, eveningwear, and women's high end sports wear and then undergarments. While working in bridal wear, clients began to request my designs more and more until I started my own shop and company. At the design studio I created and manufactured women’s day and evening wear. All the while I organized, participated and styled fashion shows and photo shoots.

I took a break and had a family for several years and worked from home. While raising my son, I was asked to develop and teach a course in Bridal wear. This new found expression of my many talents and experiences became a great fit to my lifestyle at the time and a new professional passion. I fell in love with Adult Education in the Fashion area so much so, that I went back to university and got a degree. I have always managed to stay true to myself, my family and my passions while achieving great success.

I look forward to sharing my life's creative and technical skills with you to improving the quality of your life.  


Exciting News!!   

Everyone enjoy my latest article in Remark Magazine on taking the guessing out of dressing! Happy and safe holidays.